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Teak Lane Farm Macadamia Nut Products and Chocolate Coated Nuts

The Story of Teak Lane Farm...

Once upon a time on a farm near the sea, there grew magnificient stands of Macadamia trees. Upon the fertile hills these trees grew tall and healthy. Their days were filled with sunshine and happiness. On sunny days, the trees grew green with splendor, on rainy days, they drank deeply as the rains provided their goodness.

At harvest time they provided a bountiful crop of nuts, the finest ever seen.

The farmers toiled and toiled to ensure their precious crop did not spoil. Nuts they did produce, barrels and barrels. Some they sold to markets, but the best they kept for their favourite prize. They coated them in chocolate, some dark, some white, some smooth. The rest they roasted rolled them merrily in salt.

People from around the world cried, "send us your nuts by jar or by box" and a legend was born.